Ninna Cecilie Jensen

6600 Vejen - Denmark

Ninna Cecilie Jensen

Communications Specialist. Marketing & Sales Assistent. Visual Designer. Front-end Developer.


Sales & Marketing
Text Development
Graffical Design

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Proffesional Profile

  • 2016 bachelor graduate of the School of International Business Communication at University of Southern Denmark, with in-depth knowledge in corporate communication, English, IT and Webcommunication.
  • A certified sales assistant with 5+ years of experience in customer service, interior decorating and wholesale purchasing.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge in oral communication in English and of creative, dynamic web design.
  • Successfully managed to gain A+ in eight of thirteen graded courses at university.

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Text development & translations

During my education i have obtained comprehensive knowledge of developing different types of text according to the proper target group in English as well as Danish.

Graphic art

With full understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, Inkscape & Gimp, I am able to create multiple layered artwork to add to the overall experience of digital material.

Sales & Marketing

Being a good judge of charater, I am often quick to decipher what customers are looking for and can therefore easily provide the proper service required. With my education i am able to plan and analysize how to penetrate a market and gain the attention of the desired target audience for any specific event og product.

Clear code

I am able to write pure HTMl, PHP and CSS from scratch and can develop websites acording to the specified need. I can incorporate JS and Jquery within my work and create more dynamic websites with transitions and interactions for the user.

Responsive design

I am able to combine my creative skills with my knowledge in web design to create powerful, dynamic and contemporary responsive designs weather it is in CMS or frameworks such as Bootstrap


Communication is about understanding the receiver(s) of the message and ensuring the correct meaning is transmitted. Once the target audience is defined, I am able to account for whichever elements is crucial when communicating both verbally and non-verbally to the specified audience.

I'm currently available for full time.

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My education and experience.


Bachelor in International Business Communication

The education combines lessons in english on a high level with web communication and IT skills in a organizational context.

University of Southern Denmark

2013 - 2016

Sales Assistent

A sales assitent works with sales and regular tasks in a retail store. During the education I was instructed in sales and was taught how to guide and service customers.

Cowboyland Jeans store / Location Jeans Store

2004 - 2006


In Business College I have received lessons in common courses and language courses as well as courses of company finances, marketing and legal conditions.

Vejen Business College

2001 - 2004



  • Develop marketing material for various companies
  • Text development for social media and digital content
  • Web design & development

Ecommerce Hero

Hilding Anders, House Doctor, LASS og Home Energicenter
2016 - Present

Web administrator

  • Content management
  • Web design
  • Communicating with citizens and representatives of varius interest groups in Skodborg

2015 - Present

Kinder garten teacher

  • Taking care of children
  • Creating activities with and for children
  • Cleaning & cooking

Vestervang Børnehave


Machine operator

  • Operating production machinery
  • Packing orders
  • Quality control

Lindplast / Norfolier

2007 - 2011

Sales assistent

  • Sales and servicing customers
  • Creating and designing store layout
  • Office routines

Cowboyland Jeans Store / Location Jeans Store

2004 - 2016




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